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Top Home Improvement Tips To Get Your House Sold

If you are planning to sell your home, and want the best possible price, it is important to make the home look as nice as possible. There are a variety of home improvements that you can make so that your home looks its best, making it appealing to potential buyers.

New Windows

If the windows in your home are old and drafty, replacing the windows is an affordable upgrade, which can increase the value of your home. New windows will not only improve the appearance inside and outside of the home, they can also muffle the sound from the street and allow more natural light to come into the home.


The first thing that potential buyers see when they are looking at homes is the outside, therefore, it is important that your yard looks its best. By hiring a landscape designer to clean up the yard and add bushes, flowers, and trees, you can seriously improve the appearance of your home.

Updating the Bathroom

If the bathroom in your home is dated, doing a bathroom remodel is a good idea, because bathrooms are very important to perspective buyers, a remodel is a good idea. You can replace your dated vanity with a new one with a marble counter. You can improve your shower by doing a custom tile design inside. Another great bathroom update is changing out your old flooring with a new tile floor. A bathroom remodel is relatively inexpensive, and can increase the value of your home.

Updating the Kitchen

If you have a good chunk of money to spend on getting your house fixed up before a sale, you should remodel the kitchen. For most buyers, it is the kitchen that sells them. By replacing the cabinets, appliances, flooring, and backsplash, you can increase the value of your home by several thousands of dollars.


The way that you present your home at the open house has a great deal to do with how many offers you will receive. The best way to present it so that it looks its best is to hire a staging company. These are companies that specialize in setting up furniture, artwork, and décor in order to impress perspective buyers.
You may be able to sell your home in its current condition, however, if you put a bit of money into it, you will get many more offers and you will be able to raise your asking price.

Bring your Kitchen into the 21st Century – Top Tips

Many people still have kitchens that have seen better days. If you are one of them, turning such a kitchen around is not hard at all given the different kitchen designs available in the market today. These new ideas range from creative use of colours to installing modern appliances whose goal is to modernize the kitchen. To help you even further, below are some creative ideas that will make you old kitchen feel new and inviting.

Change Countertops
Countertops are a necessity in the kitchen and today, you have very many options in the market. Concrete, brick, tile and aggregate counters bring an innovative appeal to the kitchen. Alternatively, you can play around with different designs, colours and patterns for the common materials like marble, granite and resin.

Get Energy Efficient Appliances
Living in the green age means doing everything you can to save resources and your kitchen can be the perfect place to start your campaign. Energy efficient appliances like a new fridge are not just stylish but also come in a number of designs that update the kitchen. Other than electrical gadgets, consider installing low-flow taps and corresponding sinks that save energy.

Redo Cabinetry Painting
You do not have to do away with your current cabinets to add a modern appeal to the kitchen. You just have to get a few colours and repaint them and maybe replace broken door handles and doors. If you are into faux finishes, then you can get plenty of them in the market today and bring the old cabinets back to life.

Add Decorative Elements
The kitchen is also a great place to add decorative elements. Plants on top of shelves, sculptures, and artwork, are some of the different elements that you can introduce in your kitchen. A flower vase and fresh bowl of fruits also add life while modernizing the kitchen.

Just because you have a kitchen from the past does not mean that you have to live with it forever. By embracing some of these ideas, you can modernize your kitchen and make it one of your favourite rooms in the house.

How To Choose The Perfect Conservatory

A conservatory is a wonderful way to add extra space to your home while increasing its value at the same time. There are so many uses for a conservatory, and there are a wealth of shapes, sizes and building materials to select from. So how do you choose the perfect style for your home?

Firstly, think about the use you will put your conservatory to. Will it be used as an extra living space? A dining area? A playroom for the children? Or perhaps a study area? Depending on how you plan to use your conservatory, you will require a different design.

There are several different conservatory designs to pick from. Some people prefer a traditional style, while others prefer a more modern look. You may like the appearance of classic glass ceilings, large window frames and tiled floors, or alternatively, you may want your conservatory to look more like the other rooms in your home with tiled roofing, enclosed walls and carpeted flooring.

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Tips for Modernizing your Bathroom

So, you want to modernize your bathroom?

Most of us grew up with the tub/shower combo that was cramped and not at all attractive. These days, if you’re looking to put a modern spin on your bathroom, a freestanding tub is the only way to go. Set mostly in white, these tubs come in a variety of shapes from round, to a more edgy square shape. As for showers, there is a rise in the style of open, curbless showers. To modernize a shower, you may want a “barely there” type of glass frame. For these types of showers, your bathroom will need to be equipped with moisture absorbing surfaces, such as engineered quartz, stone, and glass or porcelain tile. The modernized shower doesn’t so much occupy space in your bathroom, as it does work itself into the space naturally.

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This leads us to mirrors. Popular new bathroom mirrors are simple, square, lighted mirrors, including LED. Clean lines are key with these. Chrome is a popular material for modern mirrors, but there are also rustic round mirrors, or mirrors framed with driftwood which adds unique charm. These days, vanities are being stylized to fit more practical needs. Many old fashioned vanities had no real shelving or practicality, so more simplified, useful vanities are the way to go now. These include shelving or off to the side sinks for more space. This works especially well in small bathrooms. The floating vanity can be a good idea too if you’re really looking to add some flair.

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Home Improvement Tips To Add Value To Your Home

 Looking to add Value to you Home?

If you are planning to sell your home, your main goal is to get the best price for it. The only way to do that is to have it in good condition. There are a variety of home improvement tips that you can do to bring up the value of your home. Some are small, diy projects if you don’t have much money in your renovation budget. If you have the extra money to invest, there are larger projects that you can take on to improve your home’s worth greatly.

Kitchen Renovation

If you have enough in your renovation budget, a kitchen renovation can bring up the value of your home a great deal. Kitchens are one of the main things that sells a house. Replacing old appliances with new ones, replacing the floors, repainting, and adding a backsplash above the sink, and even adding an island can modernize your kitchen, making it appealing to potential buyers.

Bathroom Renovation

While renovating your bathroom may not be as costly as renovating the kitchen, it can greatly increase the value of your property and is well worth considering. Replacing a single sink with a double sink and tiling the shower can add value and bring more interest to your home. For more on Bathrooms and picking the best one for your home, try our recent post on Tips for Modernizing your Bathroom.

Replacing Carpet with Wood Floors

Wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house was very popular 10 years ago, and was a huge selling point. Today, however, hardwood floors are what people are looking for. You can greatly raise the value of your home by replacing the carpets with hardwoods. Even if you cannot afford real hardwood, you can use hardwood laminate. It looks the same at a fraction of the cost.


The condition of the windows in a home is very important, especially when you are trying to sell it. If you have dated, single glaze windows with paint peeling on the window sills, buyers will likely purchase a home that resembles yours….but with better windows. Replacing the windows with double glazing means that potential buyers can save massively on their future heating bills, hugely complementing the worth of your property.


The first thing that potential buyers see when they visit your property. If the landscape is a mess, it can ruin the home’s curb appeal, after all, first impression count for a lot! Even minimal changes to your garden can have a huge impact on the value of your property. A quick trim of the bushes, cutting the grass, tidying up the plants can have a massive effect on a property’s appeal and ultimately, how much you’d be able to sell the property for.

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The History of Quantity Surveying and Emergence of the Profession

Quantity Surveyor plans

The History of Quantity Surveying and Emergence of the Profession

Quantity surveying is closely linked to the planning and then the completing of construction projects. In many respects people have been performing the roles and functions of the quantity surveyor long before the job title itself existed. To a large extent the title of quantity surveyor can be dated back to the 19th century when the government started to pay more attention to how buildings were planned and then actually constructed. This extra attention to planning was connected to the efforts to improve public health after epidemics like cholera, the expansion of state funded education, and the earliest attempts to have better health and safety features at places of work. Quantity surveyors were required to make this change a smooth transition.


In many ways it is a surprise that quantity surveyors were not used earlier and in greater numbers. Well carried out quantity surveying can improve the cost effectiveness of both home improvement projects, and building projects. To a large extent quantity surveying and project management are interlinked in the modern day construction industry as well as in the highly popular home improvement sector. In whatever capacity a quantity surveyor is employed their job will always entail promoting the most efficient use of resources, they are the people that turn the architects’ designs into reality, and getting all the supplies that the builders and other contractors need to get the job done on time and within budget.


The role of a Quantity Surveyor is fundamental in terms of ensuring a timely and cost effective completion of construction and home improvement projects. Without a fully qualified and properly trained quantity surveyor home improvement plans and building projects stand a much greater risk of going wrong, and costs spiralling out of control.


To become quantity surveyors people have to hold the relevant qualifications, namely a degree in quantity surveying, and then to register with the institute of chartered surveyors. People holding these qualifications and professional membership will be fully capable of fulfilling quantity surveying and project management tasks effectively.